Image of La’s (mini) Coaching Session!

La’s (mini) Coaching Session!


*1 x 30 minute session via Skype, Zoom, or Phone!
* Unlimited emails & Text messages( up to 24 hours after session)!
* Tools and templates to help you manage and to track your progress!
* 1 Personalized homework assignment that shapes and helps you get your results!
* 1 Readings, Videos & Audio suggestions that will support you through your process!

My main focus points as a coach are in Personal Development/ Empowerment also Spiritual Wellness.
Also provided a 15-minute free session for all potential clients!
Visit for deals!
A non-disclosure agreement will be provided.

If we have not set up an agreement, a meeting will be scheduled right away once purchasing session time without speaking to me first.
I welcome all clients!